Biological risk management Consulting

Creating high reliability Organization management expertise



CHROME has developed a comprehensive modular curriculum for biological risk management.  However, we realize that every facility is unique and we customize our services at to your mission.  Diagnostic laboratories have different issues from research laboratories or hospitals or EMS  No two facilities have exactly the same mission, or operate in the same environment with the same knowledge, facilities, equipment, technology and resources.  Furthermore, risk management does not start or stop at your door, but must encompass your suppliers and your customers.  We understand that this means that any program has to be adapted to the specific needs and circumstances of each organization.

We work with CEOs, Executive Boards, senior managers, Directors of Medicine, Directors of Nursing, Directors of Patient Safety, Laboratory Directors, Institutional Biosafety Committees, and Biosafety Officers to identify most effective ways to improve safety and to promote and sustain a practice of continual improvement.  Our programs and services are delivered in accordance with Federal and State regulations and guidelines, including those issued by NIOSH, OSHA, CDC, DHHS, and DHS.

We offer the following customized services:

  • On-site risk assessments
  • Risk assessment tools
  • Consulting Services
  • Performance Metrics
  • Seminars and Workshops 
  • Tabletop exercises and drills 
  • Case Studies
  • On-site training
  • On-line training
  • Audit and Certification