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Our Experienced Team


“Tim is a highly capable and dedicated professional with a very methodical approach. He has the ability to introduce new safety and management concepts with utmost clarity that can be practically implemented.  He has a diverse wealth of knowledge of real life applications of high reliability principles in the creation of a culture of safety excellence.”

OUR CONSULTANTS HAVE worked EVERYWHERE – africa, americas, asia, australasia and europe

Our network of consultants has expertise in virtually every aspect of biosafety and biosecurity, and include medical doctors, registered nurses, veterinarians, PhDs, MBAs, architects, engineers, and registered biosafety professionals (RBP). 

performance metrics



Culture of safety

We can help you develop your risk management and your culture of safety master plans, and give you the tools for successful implementation

We have developed tools & methodologies to assess risks in diagnostic, animal & research laboratories, healthcare settings and emergency responders

We can help you identify which activities most contribute to safety and how to measure them

Dr Aamer Ikram

Pakistan Biological Safety Association


We can help you assess your safety goals, develop your safety strategy, and create a safety communications strategy