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Tim Trevan

world-renowned expertise

CHROME Biosafety and Biosecurity Consulting was founded by Tim Trevan and Gavin Macgregor-Skinner who between them have over 60 years experience in the field. Between them, they have presented at conferences, provided consulting services and organized training and workshops in every inhabited continent.  They have both been extensively cited on biosafety and biosecurity issues in the media, and had Journal articles published.

CHROME can advise on every aspect of biosafety and biosecurity, from laboratory design and build, through construction and commissioning, to safe operation, to decommissioning.  Likewise, we can advise on how to design operations or research programmes to be safe with zero 'Never events'.  

Tim and Gavin use their very extensive network of experts to put together the right team for every project.  

Our particular expertise is in facilitating your risk assessment, design of your risk control action plan, and creating and implementing a culture of safety excellence which will be in compliance with the future laboratory biorisk management standard, ISO 35001.  It is our belief that these standards can be applied in all laboratories, healthcare facilities and biological facilities, including those with low resources.

Gavin Macgregor-Skinner